Zill Noorain is an Islamic Institute. Zill means shadow and Noorain means two lights and our idea behind this is we offer authentic knowledge based on Quran o Sunnah (two lights)

We are a group of highly qualified teachers, who want to inspire our next generation to our beloved religion. We are compassionate about our religion and want to convey that passion into the heart of our kids.

It is obligatory upon us to teach and learn. In today’s day and time it is our responsibility to make sure to fulfill our obligation and teach our kids about Islam, convey Islamic knowledge to them otherwise we will be answerable to Allah Subhan a tallah.

At Zill Noorain our objective is to convey the knowledge, love, and passion for Islam to our kids in a simple, beautiful, interactive, modering and engaging way. We have one sole goal, to educate our next generation.

Zill Noorain’s promise to give special attention to each student’s needs and ensure that our student progress and gain Islamic knowledge. We exam our students progress monthly and quarterly and provide a report to parents.

Our mission at Zill Noorain is to make Islam interactive for every Muslim kid. Introduce Islam as peace full way of life for this world and hereafter. Our kids must be confident in their identity as Muslims and proud to live their lives as Muslims.


Most of our teachers are highly qualified and responsible mostly from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, and the USA.

We take special care of our students and provide them one to one care. Female students are provided with female teachers to ensure their better to rephrase.

We will offer to make up classes in case of the tutor misses the class due to unforeseen reason.

Certificates are issued at different levels of progression along the course.

Lessons / Method

We deliver online through our webite and Our student needs an internet connection, any device ( desktop, laptop, Tablet).

We will set you to step by step and make sure you take full advantage of our classes.

YES, we offer trial classes to get started.

We guarantee our commitment and hard work and expect support and communication from students and parents. Depending on student’s age, aptitude, and support system around the student we expect the student to learn the Quran in 6 – 14 months.

Its online, you can take classes from the comfort of your home.

Time and schedules

Please, see our plans for details.

We try our best to facilitate our students per timings.

We have two public holidays

Eid ul Fiter – Approximately 8 to 10 days
Eid ul Adha – Approximately 4- 6 days

Payment / Cancellation / Refund

No, there is no registration fee.

Paypal/ Bank transfer/CC

If you need to continue with the same teacher, then you have to continue to pay.

In a class of teacher’s unavailability classes will either be covered or refunded.

There is no cancellation fee. You can cancel your classes any time you want, but you have to inform us before taking classes, once you’ll attend the class or you didn’t attend after the time of the class has started then you have to pay first and then cancel the class.

If you’re not satisfied with the classes then you can cancel any time, there is no cancellation fee.

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